Lucia Caprinali - Tour Leader

Lucia Caprinali - Tour Leader

Michele Gandola - Bellagio Water Sports

Michele Gandola - Bellagio Water Sports

Lucia Biography

I was born and raised in Lecco and since I was a teenager I displayed passion for foreign languages and tourism.
I own a degree in touristic accountability and a college segree in Tourism Sciences, Sociology Faculty, I practice guests welcome and custody at Lecco Civic Museums.
I lived in Portsmouth (UK) for a month and an half where I practiced a stage in hospitality section at Spinnaker Tower.
My passion for tourism, travel as myself and others knowledge instrument, will to know “the other” from nearby to his/her social and territorial characteristics, raise in me great curiousity and I think that from tourist meeting it borns one of the more enriching relationship
as of intercultural and emotional exchange.
For these reasons I collaborated in developing of “Bellagio Activity Holidays” beacuse I think that from tourist satisfaction, by an holiday as local and active as possible, it follows an advantage for territory as being discovered, valued and protected in its unique characteristics.

Michele Biography

My name is Michele Gandola and I live in Pescallo di Bellagio.

My experience in rowing on Lake Como and throughout Europe has brought me wonderful challenges and helped me grow as man.
On the water, I’ve learned critical life lessons, and come to know amazing men and women and to live unforgettable moment. I have been fortunate to reach a high level as an athlete and a coach.

I consider myself very lucky because during my sporting career I had the occasion of “being aboard the Boat” with legendary Italian rowers like Alberto Belgeri, Igor Pescialli, Enrico Gandola, Daniele Gilardoni, Franco Sancassani, Michelangelo Crispi,Francesco “Ciccio Esposito”, Stefano Fraquelli, Edoardo Verzotti e Stefano Introzzi

Bruno Carissimo – the journalist at La Provincia di Lecco newspaper, sport editorial, wrote about me:
“He’s an athlete with a good technique and a great spirit. Prefers multiple boats, like quad scull (4x), eight (8+) and double (2x), last one shared for years with friend Daniele Gilardoni.”

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